A new Coronaproof videoclip from our band Sonic Summer. Video recordings were made from each individual band member in front of a so-called “green screen”. All these separate recordings ware edited by a special technique called “chromakey” in such a way that it looks like we have performed the song all together on one stage at the same time. The reality is that we recorded it separately in a living room.
The song is Happy Together from The Turtles 1967.
Optreden Huizen 10 november 2019
Here comes the sun. Played by Dutch coverband Sonic Summer.
Originally from The Beatles 1969 from the Album Abbey Road.
Come Together from The Beatles. Played by Coverband Sonic Summer April 2020. During the Corona pandemic. Our band can not play and rehears together. Each member of the band recorded a video in their own home and was edited to one videoclip.
No Milk Today. Door Coverband Sonic Summer. 
Video opgenomen elk vanuit het eigen huis.
Tijdens de intelligente lockdown door Corona, een intelligente oplossing om toch samen onze muziek te presenteren. Oorspronkelijk uitgebracht door Herman’s Hermits in 1966
California Dreaming. Video apart opgenomen vanuit huis tijdens Coronacrisis 6 april 2020
You Got It. Home Performance by Coverband Sonic Summer. “Anything you need, you got it” also applies to all the doctors, nurses, and medical scientist, who need all the support, money and resources to win the battle against the corona virus. We give them our respect and are thankful for their battle in the frontline. Thank you.